The Busy Body is Proud to be Partnering with


Authentic Plant Therapy

This incredible small business is located in southern Colorado and they offer a wide variety of products designed  specifically to improve the quality of overall health and wellbeing. We are super excited to be a part of their community as we share the same values and vision, to bring a better quality of offerings to improve our clients lives!

We use their products in our massage services and we also use them personally and we can tell you from our own experience that these products are amazing!

Try Roots Apothecary

Every product is handcrafted from USDA certified organic, sustainable plant extracts using minimally refined methods resulting in highly potent and superior quality products.


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All Natural, Longsheng Rice Shampoo

This small business is dedicated to bringing a superior quality of hair care products that vastly improve the health of the hair and scalp and reduce environmental waste by eliminating plastic packaging! These amazing products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, ph balanced and 100% vegan, using ethically sourced sustainable ingredients.

Try Viori

All Viori products contain the same, ritually-prepared Longsheng rice water used by the Red Yao for centuries. We work directly with the Red Yao to purchase their ancient rice, at a premium, in order to create a long-term, sustainable partnership.


When placing your order don't forget to use our  code: BUSY BODY for 10% off your first order!